It’s almost the end of May and I did’nt write the most important post of the last few years.

12th May17, was the watershed-line of cyber security.
It was a casual Friday night until 10:00pm, when the deputy Minister of Health in UK addressed to the media and asks the citizens to stay at home because UK’s hospitals hit by a massive ransomware that forced a total shut down. The systems responsible for the medical files didn’t respond. There was no way to get a medical history, and there was no way to ensure that medication that will be given will not be detected by a reaction against the unrecognized or documented sensitivities.

The wannacry worm of the Lazarus Group, defiantly justified it name. everyone wanted to cry.
So why a watershed line? It was one of those rare times when the Hollywood movie became a reality. It was one of those times when we actually realized what is the true meaning of cyber-attack, the influence on the average people. Up until wannacry we witnessed mostly cyber attacks plagued some retail chains, some websites and mostly countries, then suddenly and by surprise, Oliver Williams of Manchester, who just felt stabbed in his chest, realized that a heart attack in the middle of a cyber incident, is not a good thing.

It was that May2017, I realized that the cyber attack should be thought of as a different angle. Not technology. The cyber attack is no longer technological issue. We need to address cyber incidents as a cyber risk, a business risk, and act accordingly, We need to prepare ourselves to cyber attack in much better and in different way, we need to start think cyber resilience.

In my lecture "I see cyberrisks everywhere" I’m talking about the story behind wannacry and other cyber attacks that changed the way we define and understand cyber incidents. My lecture is especially suitable for executives and board members but not only.

C-level consultant. Accompanies managers/ organizations through advanced assessments to attain more efficient and precise coping capacity with cyber incident.

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